Our Thematic Areas

CONSERVATION & MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conservation and management of freshwater resources. Conservation and Restoration of the Natural / Riverine Forests Promotion Fauna, Flora and the recovery of threaten or extinct species. Recovery, promotion and managements of forests and green Belts. Capacity building of stakeholders and end users for sustainable natural resources management. Promotion of the best management practices / integrated pesticide management in Agriculture sector. PROMOTION WASH APPROACHED FOR VULNERABLE COMMUNITIES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Promotion of biological wastewater treatment concept in Pakistan through Constructed Wetland. Promotion of community led total Sanitation through PATs approaches. Promotion of ecological sanitation and solid waste management approaches. Provision of basic hygiene supplies and information on behavior practices related to water, sanitation and hygiene to fight against water born and vector born diseases during disaster response. ENSURE HEALTHY LIVES AND PROMOTE WELL-BEING FOR ALL AT ALL AGES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maternal and Child Heat Care. Preventive against Fatal Disease. Health and Hygiene Education PROMOTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stop Violence against women. Stop the early age marriages Stop Honour killing and Karo Kari. Clean water rights Basic education rights Basic Health Rights Rights for Births spacing Rights for Pollution Free Society