Mr. Muhammad Ameen Keryo is environmentalist by his passion & working for conservation of the nature and ecological system in different forums.  He has started humanitarian services from 16 years of his age and founded Sindhica Reforms Society  (SRS) in year 1993 faced many life threats and hurdles of local feudal lords but continued their struggle for most vulnerable communities and grown up to SRS from small village to national level. 

Keryo's significant contribution for conservation of nature is pioneering of "Pakistan's first Biological Wastewater Treatment System through Constructed Wetland"  and their successful replication in different parts of country under the guidance his connoisseur and Guru is Dr. Roshan Raj Shrestha . He is serving Country Contact Person Pakistan for Global Environment Facility , accordingly the Chairperson of SRS  and Forest Action Network, Expert Group Member for "Water and Wastewater Companies for Climate Mitigation" (WaCCliM) for Mexico, Peru, Jordan and Thailand countries and also Global Steering Committee member of IfE (Initiative for Equality ). Keryo is providing technical support to different Government and non-organizations and intuitions in designing and construction of wastewater treatment systems at national level and served as consultant for WWF Pakistan, UN Habitat Pakistan, IRC, P&D Govt of Sindh, Mitchles Fruit Farms, Engro Foundation, Nestle Pakistan, Pakistan Customs, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, Pakistan Army ,Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Airforce.

Initially idea of Constructed Wetland was shared with Mr. Keryo by Dr. Ghullam Akbar the Director WWF Pakistan and handover him a UNH CW Manual.  That enhance the interest of Mr. Keryo and he realized that my village's sanitation system is totally disturbed and we should start first from our village.
After the approval from SRS board of directors and he did communication with Dr. Roshan repeatedly and invite him to visit the Pakistan and guide to his team, so that we may start this initiative in our country but due his engagements, he did not response him on time, but soon after Dr Roshan realize the interest of SRS team responds him correspondence and plans their visit to Pakistan.

Dr. Roshan visited Pakistan on 12 May 2009, conducts orientation session on Constructed Wetland and proposed side visit. Dr. Roshan discuss in detail with Mr. Keryo and given them technical inputs and advised him to conduct wastewater testing's.  Dr Roshan sends his team to Pakistan for SRS Technical support and Dr. Shirish Singh and Mr. Narendra Man Dangol develop capacity SRS team on ground.  During the starting phase of this pilot project, local feudal lord occupied the Government granted project land and threaten Mr. Keryo and his team seriously and ask them to withdraw from this concept.  Analysis this situation Mr. Khair Mohammad Keryo, the father of Mr. Ameen Keryo grant him the own land of the value PKR: 3.2 million free of cost, and encourage him and SRS team to start the experience without any hurdle.
Mr. Keryo start this experience with the support of family and friends.  SRS team did it tireless effors and put on operation the Pakistan's first Constructed Wetland in April 2010.  Mean while Dr. Roshan, Dr. Shirish and Narendra support him through email, phone calls.

Mr. Khair Muhammad Keryo

Mr. Muhammad Ameen Keryo

Dr. Roshan Raj Shrestha

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Constructed Wetland, the Biological wastewater Treatment and Recycling System.