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Constructed Wetland, the Biological wastewater Treatment and Recycling System.

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Muhammad Ameen Keryo Environmental Services Private Limited (MAKES) is the leading Environmental Construction Company dealing in designing & development of Biological wastewater treatment systems and various environmental solutions for human wellbeing and social development
Inception of
For Biological Wastewater Treatment in Pakistan

Constructed Wetland (CW )is a natural, low-cost, eco-technological biological wastewater treatment technology designed to mimic processes found in natural wetland ecosystems, which is now standing as the potential alternative or supplementary systems for the treatment of wastewater. Its an artificial wetlands, a marsh or swamp created,  as new or restored habitat for native and migratory wildlife; for anthropogenic discharge such as wastewater, or sewage treatment; for land reclamation after mining, refineries, or other ecological disturbances; and as required mitigation for natural wetlands lost to a development.
The first experiment on the use of wetland plants for treatment of wastewater was carried in the early of 1950 by Dr Kathe Seidel in Germany.  The first full scale system were put in operation during the late of 1960s and since then Constructed wetlands systems have been speeding throughout the world.

In the year 2009-10, Sindhica Reforms Society initiated "PAKISTAN'S FIRST COMMUNITY MANAGED CONSTRUCTED WETLAND" for village Majeed Keryo of District Shaheed Benazirabad by Mr. Muhammad Ameen Keryo and his team. Initial technical support was provided by Dr. Roshan Raj Shrestha International Constructed Wetland Expert and former Chief Technical advisor UN HABITAT water for Asian Cities Programme 


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